Friday, August 05, 2005

Hand & Arm Signals (A Phat History Lesson)

Some of you may know that I was in the army. Some of my more knowledgeable members know that I was airborne infantry in the army. Today I wanted to share some common hand and arm signals used by soldiers to communicate. Because I was in a tactical unit, it was necessary to use hand and arm signals to keep noise down. You don’t want to give your position away to the enemy. These are just a few of the hand and arm signals used by soldiers, but probably the most common.

The first is one of the most commonly used hand and arm signal. This one is made by balling a fist, extending the index and pinkie, and placing your other hand underneath this with fingers spread and waving. This one stands for “BullSh**”. This one is often used after being given an order to do something asinine. Unfortunately, this happens probably everyday in the army and this “BullSh**” sign is used extensively.

This sign here is probably the second most used hand and arm signal. It usually follows the “BullSh**” sign. It’s made be balling both fists, extending the index and pinkie on both hands, then placing one on top of the other, and moving the top hand back and forth across the lower hand. This one is called the “Goat F**k”. Often after receiving an asinine assignment, it is explained how they want you to perform this task. The “Goat F**k” hand sign is given to acknowledge that, following the instructions given to you to complete the task, will probably end up in mayhem and nothing being accomplished.

This hand and arm signal here is a sign that is usually used in combat but does have it’s place in every day work. This is a cry for help when a soldier is in a precarious situation and requires help to get out of it. This is called the “Cover Me I’m F**ked” sign. This sign is usually a last resort to gain assistance in order to save his own a**.

This hand and arm signal looks much like the “Cover Me I’m F**ked” sign, but is actually much different and very hard to confuse with the latter. This is the signal that is used to reply to the “Cover Me I’m F**ked” signal. This one is called the “F**k You I’m Covered” signal. This signal is used to explain to the soldier, which is in need of assistance, that at that moment of time, you are in a secure position and leaving that position is too dangerous. This signal is probably the last thing that the soldier giving the “Cover Me I’m F**ked” signal wants to see, but let’s that soldier know to start trying to get the attention of another soldier.

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At 6:19 AM, Blogger Cove Rebel said...

The Bulls** sign is used so much in the Army today, you can get disability for carpal tunnel when you get out.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Once again, due to Doc's enormous brain, learning has occured.

Thanks, Doc!! :)

I will use these on my union brothers!
What's the symbol for break-time?

At 7:22 AM, Blogger GunnNutt said...

Man, you've just given me the perfect way to communicate in staff meetings! Thanks Doc!

At 7:29 AM, Blogger Kate said...

I spit coffee all over my monitor while reading that. Too freaking funny.

Thanks for the laugh. :)

At 7:49 AM, Blogger a4g said...

What does the signal I'm doing right now mean?

People keep doing it to me while I'm driving and talking on my cell phone, but since I was never in the military, I never knew what it meant.

At 7:53 AM, Blogger Dr. Phat Tony said...

I think they're trying to ask you your phone number so they can call you.

At 10:14 AM, Blogger a4g said...

What kind of phone number is "1"?

That just doesn't make sense.

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Uber said...

Priceless Doc, ya know some stupid kid (or adult) doing research is gonna go n try those out don't ya? *g*

At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im in the army, just a Pv2 and ur websites awsome. airborne infantry just like yourself. it awsome shit, minus the endless pt and road marches... =)


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