Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Gets Depressed

Well Hurricane Katrina has been downgraded to a tropical depression but is still wreaking havoc on me in particular. I’ve been without power for more than 12 hours at the house now and it’s beginning to bug me. I had to take a bag of ice home to throw in the refrigerator to try to keep the food from spoiling. The real kick in the butt is that the neighbors across the street have power. I guess it was just the substation that controls my side of the block went out. Go figure, with my luck I would have thought that the power would have went out and a plague of frogs would have descended on my yard. Oh well, life goes on. At least I don’t have zombies floating by like they do in New Orleans. Thanks for all that took the time to worry, but don't waste your prayers for me. Aim them at those Mississippi and Louisiana folks.

Update: Still no power at the house. It's been more than 24 hours now and the food is going to be thrown out today. One block in my neighborhood seems to be without power. I just happen to live on that block. Last night I wached my neighbors t.v. with a set of binoculars. Luckily work gives me the ability to blog.


At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

What did you say to Katrina for her to act this way towards you?

Oh yeah and First!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Dr. Phat Tony said...

I told her she ooked fat in the pants she was wearing.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger GunnNutt said...

If you don't have power, are you blogging by Voodoo?

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

that will do everytime.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger Uber said...

The milk n beer's in my prayers, Doc. Glad to hear all else is ok. :)

At 5:42 PM, Blogger a4g said...

I'm with gunnutt. I always suspected the sudden appearance of the doctorate was a bit suspicious. A mail-order "Voodun Healer" course sounds about right for the blogger formerly known as Phat Tony.

I just want to know what orifice you plug the computer into to tap into your powers.

Wait, no... I don't.

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Fitch said...

Ewww. I don't either a4g. I think Phat Tony probably just bought one of those online doctorates. $20 and bam! You're a doctor. No evil powers there. Just good old American fraud.

At 7:14 PM, Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

American fraud is the best kind!

Glad you and yours are ok, Doc.
And at least a4g didn't write you a poem! (He did to MensaB!)

How are you blogging w/out power, anyway?

At 7:14 PM, Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.
Did your swag make it?

At 4:56 AM, Blogger PoP said...

That grey door on the wall of the garage. Open it, find the large black paddle thingy and flip it all the way to one side then back. Gosh, He would sit in the dark. for days with out me.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger mary said...

well pop he learned from the best


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