Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Just Throw the Money Away

Today I get the pleasure of just throwing money into the garbage. Today is the day I get to take all the food that was in the refrigerator and freezer and throw it into the trash can. I called the utility company last night after seeing a utility truck in the neighborhood, but not seeing the power being restored to my block, and the conversation went like this.

Operator: “H-Ville Utilities how can I help you?”

DPT: “My power has been out for about 16 hours. The rest of the neighborhood seems to have power what’s going on?”

Operator: “It could be that you are on a different transformer.”

DPT: “It can’t be too hard to find and fix then since it’s the only block in the neighborhood without power.”

Operator: “We have 25 crews out working right now.”

DPT: “Do you know when the power will be turned back on?”

Operator: “No sir. We’re working as fast as we can and will restore power as soon as possible. More than 35,000 are without power.”

DPT: “35,000 right now don’t have power? Do you have power? How many people right now in H-Ville don’t have power? I have been driving around, since there is nothing I can do at the house, and haven’t seen wide spread power outages. What happened to the power anyway?”

Operator: “There was a storm.”

DPT: “You don’t say. The apex of the storm must have centered itself over my block since we were the only ones affected. Surprising that no trees are down in the neighborhood with such a violent storm. Do you know if my freezer defrosting and leaking water all over the kitchen is considered a disaster? That Government cheese probably doesn’t spoil like the cheese I have in the fridge.”

Operator: “Uhhh….”

DPT: “Never mind. What are you having for dinner? Cause a bag of Tostitos and some tuna fish is all I got at the house at the moment.”

Operator: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience sir. We will restore power as soon as possible.”

DPT: “Would you call me back on my cell phone at 5 am? My alarm clock seems to be lacking the juice to make noise loud enough to wake me up and my telephone at the house is voice over IP, so it doesn’t work with out that sweet, sweet electricity.”

Now I know my slight $150 problem of throwing food away isn’t as serious as what had happened in LA and MS, but that’s the point. The storm did little to no damage to H-Ville, and yet our power has been out for more than 24 hours (only one block). It seems like a lot of trouble for such a small storm. This storm was by no means the worse that we’ve seen in the last few years but yet it seems to have caused a lot more problems.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Bummer, dude.
You saved the beer though, right?
That will rechill with only minimal degredation...

At 10:33 AM, Blogger PoP said...

Have you opened that grey door in the garage and look at those little black switch thingies?
What is this word verification all about? njofo slpand

At 11:22 AM, Blogger David said...


At least it's not America's Third World County™ where one squirrel fart can take out a block for a few says...

Not to mention where it can take SIX MONTHS to get the local telco to fix a faulty dropline.

Or several years to get the "city" to fix a faulty sewer line.

Well, at least spoiling food's not so big a problem. There are always plenty of stray dogs, skunks, groundhogs and even rabbits to shoot... here in town. And spoiling food makes great bait. I'm even told cottonmouths are good eating.

VOIP phone? Yeh, here, too. Three different kindsa phones as backups for each other. Cell towers go out. Leaves land on fragile POTS lines (or else a light mist takes them out). The techs with the cable company lose their dredlock wigs and chicken bone rattles. Some days, a phone's a luxury.

Still, wouldn't wanna be in your shoes.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Think of it as being an honorary hippie for a few days. You just gotta stop bathing, that's all.

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous the Cap'n said...

Face out, take a knee, drink water . . .


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