Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Contest Part 2

Because of the lazy readers lack of html knowledge. The new contest is a lot easier. I’ve noticed my de-evolution and think I want it fixed for Christmas. It’s link pimpin’ time folks. Here’s how it’s going to work. Whoever has the most links (using the TTLB page for judging purposes. I’ll take a screen shot every morning.) whether it be to articles or the main site, wins some swag. Some things I would like to see though. Since people are going to be link me a lot, lets have a goal in mind besides evolution. Let’s make me the #1 hit for these searches. History of Thanksgiving History of Discovery of America How to Join the Canadian Army and of course Humpback Midget never mind I’m already number one for that so make that last one Girls Gone Wild. So, go ahead and get to pimpin' my link and get me back to being a large Mammal. Last day is Christmas day, So you better get moving.

: To make me evolve you'll have to link to a whole bunch of my articles. This is a good thing. Maybe a few will go back and read the classics (when I say classic I mean 6 months old).

UPDATE: I've slipped to number 8 for the Milblog award. WTF over. You guys better step it up.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Daniel Levesque said...

Wheeew! That's goint to take a lot of links under the new system. I went from marsupial to bird myself.

Under the new system though, having multiple links on the same site no longer improves your link score and won't help you evolve. That's why so many people lost a bunch of links when the ecosystem was revamped.

On the plus side, I did pimp your swag a couple of times in last 2 weeks.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Dr. Phat Tony said...

Well I can still become number one hits for the those google searches.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Tyler D. said...

I thought it only counted one link per site.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Dr. Phat Tony said...

No it still counts the links it just doesn't give them credit for them. Right now Uber has me linked 3 times.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Contagion said...

You really need trackbacks so you know when people link to you. Then again you might not want them running this contest. :)

At 3:57 PM, Blogger a4g said...


Deep six the "to the main site" part of your req's above-- TTLB will only count ONE link to the main site. And since everybody with any brains at all has you blogrolled, extra links to the homepage are worthless. Individual post links will still be counted.

I better go write one.

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Tyler D. said...

See, I was right.

At 3:45 AM, Blogger Uber said...


At 7:16 AM, Blogger Pandy said...

I swear I'm not lazy.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger kateykakes said...


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