Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jill's Journey

Jill's life looks like it has been saved. Not by the money for which I hoped , but because nature has a way of screwing everyone. Jill's promiscuity has caused me to lose my chance to off her. She's knocked up now and although I don't have a problem killing a pregnant goat, I don't want to deprive the farmer of money. You see a goat has only one kid the first time it's pregnant, but after the first kid it has two at a time. Thus, a pregnant goat is worth more to the farmer than a non-breeding goat.

Now the good news. The 'billy' that violated Jill, we'll call him Jack, is now on the chopping block. That bastard went and made me change my plans and he has to pay. No second chances, no way for him to get out of it. Jack is going to meet his maker and the bottom of friends and families stomachs. Your time is coming Jack.

The white one is the bastard that knocked up Jill. I'm going to blow his head off with a .357.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bush Supporters Give Praise

Since the cat has been let out of the bag by Venezuelan Communist wacko Chavez, Bush supporters have gone into the public eye by sacrificing sheep to their exalted evil lord.

Despite earlier rumors, Karl Rove is not the devil, but instead is just a demon demigod working for the antichrist. Democrats, not wanting to give Bush any power at all, have gone on the defensive saying that Bush is not the devil but instead an evil, Bull Connor(ish) loser, that kills innocent civilians in a war that was brought on by lies. Definitely not the devil though. Hillary Clinton confirmed this stating “I know the devil and Bush isn’t it.”

Note from Phat Tony: Did anyone else notice that Chavez’ speech sounded like a broken record? He must have said devil eight times in a row before moving on to what he was actually talking about. Also I really liked the inflection in the interpreter’s voice when translating the speech. She made the speech very light in spite of all the devil talk.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Ya I bump this in my ride. What of it?!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Never Forget

I signed up for the 9/11 memorial, and expected for it to be a mundane, if not easy post. I expected to be assigned to an unfortunate person that just picked the wrong day to go to work and became one of the many slain by Islamic Fascists. I was way off. I ended up being assigned to write about a hero.

Kenneth John Cubas, was a 48 year old VP for Fiduciary Trust. He was also a man that put others life before his own. The day the tower was struck, instead of saving his own life, he put it all on the line to save others. It would be easy to say that I would have done the same, but I hope I never have to make a decision like he did that day.

When disaster struck Tower Two, Kenneth Cubas led a woman to safety. Then, ignoring her pleas not to return, he went back inside.

Cubas, 48, was a vice president with Fiduciary Trust Company International, an asset management firm that had offices on the 94th to 97th floors. He worked on the 97th.

"I got many calls from his colleagues on other floors saying Ken was helping," said his wife, Kerry. She added that following the attack she received a call from a woman who believed she was the last to see her husband alive.

"He assisted her to get outside of the building," his wife said. "She implored him not go [back in], but he didn't hesitate a moment and ran back, saying, 'I have to help.'

"The firm was very safety- oriented, and Ken was well- versed in emergency procedures," his wife said. "He was part of a group that was trained for this type of disaster." She said she believes the company's policies were the reason it suffered a relatively small number of fatalities.

I will not forget the sacrifice of Mr. Cubas.