Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Down Range Pornography

If you’ve been reading my website for any amount of time you would have noticed the ad on the side labeled “Porn for Troops”. This is my attempt at giving something to our men downrange while they’re away from home. Many people don’t know that men that are deployed have no access to pornography. I went over this in my last article.

One person has recognized the need for our soldiers to have some visually stimulating pictures in order to release some stress. Thank you who ever you are for your donation it will be used to help the soldiers. I explained it to another person the other day. Soldiers want to remain faithful to their loved ones and also want to follow the non-fraternization rule that the Army enforces. This is why I’m sending these magazines to the troops. It’s not because I’m a pervert or because they are. Men will be men and there is nothing wrong with them having some adult magazines to help them get some alone time. If you want to donate feel free to give as much as you can here. Tell all your friends (or at least the ones that you would not be embarrassed to tell) and help me send the troops some adult entertainment.

Please Donate to Help Send Pornography to Our Troops.

Civic Duty Day 2

I'm here again at the court house. I arrived at 8:45 and started my long day of waiting. Thank God for technology. If it wasn't for this laptop, I would probably lose my mind to boredom. I'll keep everyone up to date as I spend my day supplying justice for the county of Madison.

10:09 An hour and 15 minutes wasted for justice. I'm the ultimate juror. I've yet to complain and I'm sure just my presence alone has sent evil doers to prison, since I haven't even step one foot in a court room yet. Take that evil doers! My sedintary ways have shown you that no crime will go unpunished.

10:50 Almost lunch time, and so far absolutely nothing has happened. I guess I can share a conversation of a girl who is obviuosly in trouble that I've over heard since I've been here.

Ghetto Girl: "...but I've only failed one drug test."
DHR Rep: "You've only taken one drug test. The ones that you failed to show up for counts as a failed."
Ghetto Girl: "But pain pills aren't drugs."
DHR Rep: "Yes, they are."

14:56 Still here and still have not been called. An uncountable amount of hands of hearts have been played. I have yet to pull out the real time strategy game on the laptop for fear of actually being called to court and be selected as a juror. I would hate to have to pause my game to walk into court. Luckily, the juror lounge is right next to what seems to be a courtroom that is having bench trials. The caliber of people strolling through the hallways have been interesting at best. Nothing like the dregs of society parading by you to make you thankful that you have a small amount of commen sense and the ability to stay out of trouble. I doubt if I'll have anything else to add to this post. I figure that I will be let out of here shortly. If that happens and I don't have to come back tomorrow, this will be the end of the live blogging. If I'm back tomorrow you guys will have to suffer more live blogging.

17:09 I was released for the evening. I'm now in a jury pool for a criminal case. I don't know whether I'll be a juror yet or not. I'll be told tomorrow bright and early at 09:00. This means you might have to suffer through another day of live blogging. So sorry.

To be continued.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Civic Duty

Today I'm live blogging from the Madison County Courthouse. That's right the Dr. has now been in the jury pool twice in 3 years. Luckily Big Spring has wireless and I can connect to bring you the horrible waste of time of being a juror live, at least until I have to sit on a jury. Here is how the day has gone so far.

0830: Was sworn in and saw the horde run up to give their miserable excuses on why they couldn't be a juror. 60 had an excuse that was deemed worthy of being let the hell out of the place.

0900: First break of 45 min. This juror thing is tough.

1030: Lunch! I'll be back at 1330. This reminds me that I need a government job.

1330: Called the first batch of jurors to the courtroom. Still sitting here not doing anything.

1422: I've had to go around my elbow to get to anything on blogger. The wirless settings say that my post history in blogger has to much weighted phrases and wont let me access it. Now I had to add the little pencil thing that lets me jump straight to the edit page. Kinda funny that the post titles have enough bad words or "wieghted phrases" to keep me from vewing them. Anywho, I'm still not on a jury. I'm sure everyone that has a court date is thankful of that.

1521: I haven't walked into a courtroom yet but I'm on the list. It will either be in a few minutes or tomorrow morning. That poor schlub. To bad divorce court doesn't have a jury. I could almost stand to witness one of those.

To Be Continued.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cause It Makes Me Smile