Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Difference

The difference between the south and so many other places is apparent in this short story my friend relayed to me about the children's service at his church this past Sunday.

The preacher had a broomstick with a white flag tied to it. He asked the question to the children "Does anyone know what this means?" trying to coax the children into saying "surrender". One little girl raised her hand and proudly answered the preacher question about what the white flag meant.

She said, "It means one lap to go."

Of course she would have known if she was French.

And People Like Me

Feeling bad about yourself. Do what I do and self motivate.
It only works cause it's true.

I guess you can go make your own.

While I'm dishing out motivation. For those who need a little more conflict resolution. Try this one.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wii Report You Decide

So I’ve been playing a lot of Wii lately and wanted to review some of the games I’ve played so that others can get a general idea of what I thought was fun and what I think needs improvement.

Wii Sports:

Baseball, tennis, boxing, golf, and bowling are the games featured on this disk. With the exception of golf, which is a little too nuanced in the motions, they’re all a blast to play. Boxing and bowling are my favorites. The graphics do not really compete with any of the other game systems out there, but the game play makes up for all that the graphics lack. There is just something satisfying about smacking around someone else on a video game and knowing that it’s more than whether or not you know all the combination moves (like in mortal combat or street fighter). I’m really looking forward to when Wii puts out a boxing game that will give you more variety of punches and movement. Overall the Wii Sports is just a good time despite the graphics look like your manipulating Fisher Price play people.

Red Steel:

I had really high hopes for this ninja first person shooter. I figured with the Wii I would be doing flips all over the living room beating up other ninjas. The story sequences are pretty weak and play sort of like a comic would if you only had an 8bit processor. The game play itself turned out to be much more difficult than I thought. Shooting people was fairly tough as they all seemed to blend in with the background. Maneuvering your character was also fairly difficult since you had to move the Wii remote to the extreme right or left of the screen in order to turn. This made for frustrating fight stages when you are trying to shoot at a guy but it takes forever to turn your head and bring him into the screen or over shooting it by accident. What about the sword play? Too few and far between in my opinion. If they would have disregarded the whole shooting part of the game and concentrated more on just the sword play I think the game would have been great. Instead everything became mediocre.

Wii Play:

This disk is a follow up to the Wii Sports. It includes table tennis, air hockey, billiards, skeet shooting, fishing, and a game that you ride cows. The good: the shooting game, and billiards. The bad: air hockey (the control is counter intuitive and you end up scoring on yourself a lot), and table tennis (again the control of the paddle just doesn’t feel right and keeps long volleys from happening because of it). The indifferent: everything else. Getting a controller with the purchase of the game is by far the best part of this game.

Rayman Raving Rabbits:

Probably the most awesome game I’ve played on the Wii yet. There are over 70 mini games to play and the difficulty ramps up as you progress through the game. It’s a charming game that has quite a bit of humor thrown in like the game that you slam the door to porto potties closed on rabbits or the game that you throw a cow for distance by swinging the Wii remote above your head like a lasso. The game pretty much goes through a myriad of different ways to use the remotes in order to accomplish tasks. If I had a seal of approval this game would receive it. If you are going to buy a game, this is the one to get.

I guess that about wraps up my Wii report. If I play any other games I’ll let you know.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Since I’m Stuck at a Desk

Since I’m stuck at a desk without too much to do, I’ll update everyone with my shenanigans.


We’ve actually won two games now. Yippy! We’re not the worse! We’re not the worse! We’ve still only got about 6 guys playing and stock in Aleve is probably going way up but if it makes a mark in the win column I’ll survive.

The Marcotte Thingy:

A politician makes a bad decision. Who would’ve thunk it. Next subject.


I have a close to debilitating fear. The fear that my pants are unzipped is almost crippling my ability to function out in public. I’m constantly checking them and thus increasing the chances of someone catching me checking my fly and thinking I’m some kind of pervert. It’s not like I have to check it three times in a row or anything that obsessive. It’s more like that I’m afraid that the fly is left in the up position therefore susceptible to gravity. Gravity’s a bitch and can embarrass us all. What’s really funny is I bet everyone that read this checked their fly and made sure they were laughing at me instead of with me, and if you didn’t check your fly yet I bet you are now.

Half Hour News Hour:

The new show that is going to be appearing on Fox this Sunday is a big fat turd and needs to be flushed before the rest of America deems this right wing humor. Why can’t they move Greg Gutfelds show Red Eye to that time slot so I can see it.