Monday, August 20, 2007

B-Cack Update

B-Cack (my embedded reporter) found time to shoot off a piece for the blog. Enjoy.

Phat Tony,
Sorry dude, it has been a long time sine I've sat down and fired off any messages to you. I would like to comment on this "Baghdad Blogger" asshole: I know you are talking about the "Weaver Weapons System" in your Blog, and I find it fucking hilarious. Anyone who was in the military and especially anyone who has been over here knows that those stories are bullshit. First of all, our kids are too busy dodging IED's and killing bad guys to worry about running over dogs. ( By the way there are HUNDREDS of wild dogs that roam the streets of Baghdad, so I wouldn't be surprised if one or two got ran over on occasion, so there is your small "truth" that probably came from this losers story. As for the local woman whose face was "melted" being made fun of in the chow hall? Well, it may be sad to say, but the locas aren't in our chow halls. There are a few civilian workers, but I seriously doubt some local woman made her way onto a camp and entered a chow hall. I raise the BUllSHIT flag nice and tall.
I find it pretty Goddamn pathetic that people back in the states are so fucking enamored with stupid ass stories like this? I mean if you want to get outraged over something, why not get EXTREMELY pissed about the Iranian influence over here, in terms of PERSONNEL (yes) and weapons ( oh fuck yeah) Well, I better get some rest, I have a lot of work to do here before I come home.... Hasta B-Cack

Monday, August 13, 2007

For A4G

Remember when I was making A4G jealous with my awesome Greg Gutfeld original? Well, I want to apologize to A4G and say that I will not mention my picture of a book, hippo, and cat/dog hybrid again.

I will however show off my newest Greg Gutfeld original showing Unicorn Jones and Fluffy McNutters (cat/dog hybrid) cruising in a convertible. In your face A4G!

Monday, August 06, 2007


So Wyatt tried his best to come up with an embarrassing badge for Philadelphia’s finest for doing something stupid, instead of stopping the bad guys. Bless his heart for trying. I thought I could help him out just by posting one of the pics found in his personal online collection. Remember the last time I did this? This one is a instant classic. Although it's Wyatt's normal Saturday night apparel, it would embarrass other officers to dress like this.

hat tip to the adopted kid

Friday, August 03, 2007

Insensitive War Stories

So this whole Beauchamp thing seems to have people up in arms. Do I think the kid is a liar? I think he’s an exaggerator at best. I knew a guy like him in the Army and to cover up the fact that he never did anything super cool, he would take a story and blow it up beyond recognition. For example: He once said that he had a bad jump while at Bragg and ended up landing in the Delta compound. What really happened was that a jump he was on another plane had it’s jumpers out in the wrong spot and they ended up in the trees. You see he took a true story (a bad jump), then inserted himself in the story and embellished it so instead of trees it was the Delta compound. The story of course became more fantastic every time you heard it. The last time I heard it not only did he land in the Delta compound but Delta force came running out where he landed with MP5s ready to blow him away. Of course it was hard to lie to other soldiers. It’s a small Army and a smaller MOS. There were people in my unit that were also a part of this jump and new the DZ was no where near the Delta compound.

Now Beauchamp’s story of making fun of a lady with the melted face is probably partly true. Do I believe him and his friend made jokes at this lady’s expense? Sure, but not where she or anyone else besides the people that thought it was funny could hear, and from what seems to be coming out not because the stress of war.

I actually have a similar story to the one Beauchamp told. When I was at Camp Bondsteel, there was a Kosovar that worked in the sew shop that had a gimp arm. It was a birth defect, and other than her arm, she was fairly hot. There was a soldier in my unit that joked that he would get some "nub love" before the deployment was over. Of course, he would never joke about it in front of her (I think he was really trying to get some) and we all joked about it also. Soldiers are pretty insensitive. We had our nickname for her and though it was mean no one in my unit would dare to say something that would hurt her feelings anyway. Now what it seems like to me is the Beauchamp is relaying a similar story. They probably were making fun of a woman who was injured; where she could hear it though is doubtful.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Giving You The Finger

I thought that maybe the pictures of the finger might be to graphic for some. So, I'll give those who won't look at flesh busted up the X-ray to look at.

My finger will grow if you click it.