Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bail Me Out

Dear Mr. President,

All though I didin’t vote for you and I think this bailout is an abortion of economic policy, I know opportunity when I see it. Since you’re going to be handing out the earnings of hardworking American’s to companies, organizations, and city and state governments that have done nothing to deserve it, I feel this is the right time to lobby for a bailout of my own. While my debt is small and I have been more responsible with the money I had to budget than all the other entities listed previously, I promise that I will use the money to help stimulate the economy. It’s true that some of the money that I’m asking for will go to pay off previous debt, but the majority of the money will be spent on new products made here in the U.S. and possibly by Americans. I can promise that all the products will be made by Americans since some of the money will be used to build a house. (Those illegal immigrants sure do know how to dry wall and roof a house.) So here is the Plan Mr. President, you will take the earnings of other people that make money, and then give me money that I haven’t earned. The amount should be no less than $300,000.00. This will benefit more people per person than the 2.7 trillion that you are already planning on giving away. What is more is that the measily amount of 300,000 dollars will never even be noticed by the governments already enormous deficit. So in closing Mr. President, just send the check and I will get started stimulating things.
Thanks in advance,

Dr. Phat Tony

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weekend of Firsts

Well this weekend was a big weekend for me. One was that I took my bike, legally, on the roads with traffic for the first time. Since it was such a nice weekend there were also alot of other bikes on the road. If you didn't know there is a custom of waving for bikers. See this video for an explanation.

I went with the two finger point wave deal. Not quite as radical as a peace sign but still cool and hip. So, ya, I did my first cool motorcycle guy wave.

I also met the first blogger I've read ever. Tyler D. at 45 Caliber Jutice Went for a ride with me today up to Monte Sano. It was a nice ride and I appreciate his patience. Anyway, my first blog meet I would call a success, unless Tyler comes and cuts me up with an axe later. So, it's a success pending axe murder.